About Me

Until recently, I have had 2 passions in my life: beauty & fashion. Though it may look glamorous, the reality is never so simple. It was a long journey that led me to add to my passions with health and wellbeing.

I began by opening my first beauty studio, which led to more studios across Northern Germany. My ambition and curiosity led me next to the fashion industry, with an accessory line in Italy.

However, this success took its toll. Long years of a stressful and busy lifestyle caused burnout and exhaustion. Then came the cancer diagnosis...

This was my breaking point when I realized I needed to change my lifestyle. I learned about living a healthier life and focused on my body and mind. My new passion for health and wellbeing helped me find balance in life and to discover peace within myself.

Now, I want to share my experiences and discoveries with all of you who find yourselves stressed or anxious and are looking for a way to change.

To this end, I created a full traveling package for the woman who needs to get away, relax and find inner peace.

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