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Sky Bars in Bangkok: A One-of-a-Kind Nightlife Experience

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Other than its picturesque temples, massive malls, and modern cityscape, Bangkok is also known for its sophisticated night life and al fresco dining experiences, as evidenced by the proliferation of rooftop bars and restaurants in many hotels and skyscrapers in the city. After immersing yourself in ancient culture by exploring the various temples in the city all day, it’s a refreshing change to go out in the evening and chill in one of Bangkok’s famous rooftop bars while savoring the lovely views of the city around you. 

A drink in hand, relaxing lounge music playing in the background and a fantastic 360-degree views of the city that surrounds you, the whole experience provides a resonating contrast from the traditional, unfamiliar and bustling city from down below. It’s like entering a different world by being 200 meters above the ground. 

The Lebua Sky bar, the nicest roof top bar in Bangkok, is stark example of the city’s grandiosity. Being on the 64thfloor in a 244 meter high building while looking far out into the horizon where the river, the trains system, the temples and the other buildings of the city seem too far out of reach, will surely give you the feeling of a natural high, if not vertigo. Not to mention the ever so comfortable lounge chairs and the grand décor of the place, the architecture of the building will leave you in awe. 

Despite being known for cheap food and drinks, Bangkok certainly have its fair share of high end places where beverages and food are not exactly affordable for the average local, even for travelers on a budget. Lebua Sky bar is one of those more opulent places, which may explain why the place is filled with foreigners and travelers who are looking to experience something new and amazing, and very few locals and youngsters who are just looking to have a fun night out. Furthermore, as the night progresses, you may find the relaxing feeling fade a way as the bar gets busier, the music gets louder and the place gets more crowded.

Nevertheless, it is a stunning place that will leave you with a pleasant experience you won’t forget. If that is not the type of scene you want to be caught in, you can try some of the other equally as good rooftop bars in Bangkok such as the Vertigo and Moon Bar on the 61stfloor or the Banyan Tree Hotel. Unlike Lebua, the Vertigo Moon and Bar have a more relaxing atmosphere, but it offers the same great views of the city. Other bars you may want to consider include The Roof Top Bar on top of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Park Society of Sofitel So, the Zoom Sky Bar of Anantara Sathorn Hotel and Cloud 49 rooftop bar.

Depending on what type of vibe you are looking for, whichever rooftop bar you choose, make sure to make the most out of your experience. Take in the amazing views and appreciate all the good things in your life that made this unique and marvellous experience possible.

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