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Benefits and Thypes of Thai Massage

Benefits of a Thai Massage

There is no doubt that the results of Thai massages are incredible. Apart from the exciting experience itself, you are bound to come out of the spa in a much better state of physical andmental well-being.

Relieve Pain

The main advantage to a Thai Massage is the fact that it can relieve pain instantly. Whether you’re a fitness freak, sports lover or simply an active person – expect your joints and muscles to be relieved completely.

As business women, we often tend to spend a lot of our times either sitting down or in a lot of stress and relaxing our muscles will have a direct impact on depression, anxiety and general stress.

Improved Blood Circulation

Another main benefit is how much a Thai massage helps increase your blood circulation. This has a direct impact on improving IBS, any low back pain you might suffer from sitting too much and much more.

Lazy Yoga

It basically has the same benefits that yoga does – but you’ll pretty much have to do nothing but lie down! Make sure you tell your therapist exactly how much you can endure.

Health Benefits

Works well for migraines, tensions headaches, muscle pain, and the nervous system.

Types of Thai Massages

Southern Style Massage

The Southern Style Massage is a bit aggressive and directly applies pressure to the points.

Thai Foot Reflexology

The therapist focuses on certain points on your feet and muscles that might be blocking the flow of your energy

Northern Type.

This is more similar to traditional massages – where pressure is more smooth and gradual rather than suddenly aggressive.

Tips to keep in mind before your Thai Massage:

· Wear comfortable yoga-clothes.

· Do not eat a heavy meal before your massage.

· It’s advised not to go on your period, or when you have a fever due to the increased blood circulation.

· Make sure you tell your therapist your health history.

· Always let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort.

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