• Vera Tornow

Benefits for your mind & body by full detox program


How many times have you told yourself that this weekyou’ll do a detox? You go to the grocery store and get healthy food and decide that from tomorrow you’re going to be healthy….And how many times did it actually work?

When you travel, the entire trip will focus on detoxing your body and mind. From toxins and from stress. From the daily exercises, to the food, to the yoga and the natural surroundings – all factors will be helping you make an unparalleled impact on, both, your mind and body.


There is no need to mention the fact that we are all chronically stressed. We have to think of our jobs and careers, ourselves, spouses, family and muchmore and sometimes we just need a chance to take a break. Everything in our trips is ensured to destress you – that ranges from therapeutic Thai massages, to yoga, to healthy food that will even de-stress your metabolism.

Get pampered!

You know how good you feel after a nice manicure and pedicure? You feel like you’ve just been pampered and you probably ride that high for the rest of the day. Now multiply that feeling by ten. This is exactly what being on a healthy retreat feels like – everything is dedicated to pampering you.

Combat Aches & Pain.

The yoga and massages will completely take your body from an unbridled lump of stress, to a healthy, flowing one.

Improve your health and fitness.

This is a long-term benefit for indulging on a healthy retreat. You’ll go back home rejuvenated, and you will go back ready to embark on a fitness journey. It only takes 21 days to form a habit!

Benefits for your work.

Productivity improved.

There is no doubt that your productivity will be improved once you go back. When we as women don’t take breaks from our work we end up becoming agitated, impatient and it might affect our decision making. When you come back from a healthy retreat, you’ll feel like you have a clear head and you’ll be back and ready to conquer your career!

Creativity boosted, Happiness Increased!

Scenery, yoga, meditation, and massages all boost serotonin – which makes you happier and more creative!

You give yourself some self time.

We barely every get self time anymore. This will be a chance for you to appreciate yourself, reflect on your life, and truly treat yourself.

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