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Everything You Need to Know About the Thai Massage

A Thai Massage is definitely one of the best things you can do for your body to help rejuvenate, de-stress and completely relax you. This 2500-year old massage was developed by Buddhist monks and has been growing in popularity ever since. By using the main Buddhist principles of mindfulness, and kindnessthe massage reaps a lot of benefits. You’ll find that by the end of the massage, you’re rewarded with an incredibly beautiful mind and body experience where for the first time, you will actually feel aligned – both physically and mentally. They simply are experience you cannot miss out on.

Origins of the Thai Massage

As mentioned above, the Thai Massage dates back to over 2,500 years ago and has some of its roots in India! It effortlessly blends the teachings of contemporary Buddha along with the modern yoga principles to align the lines of energy (prana)in your body as a whole.

How Does It Work?

The Thai Massage selects tenenergy lines in your body that are known to treat the entire body and mind, and uses the energetic field within your own body to treat you.

First, expect to be fully clothed. Usually, you’re going to be lying on a futon, or the floor and a therapist will come in and start slowly crouching over you so they can reach all the main points of your body.

They will apply pressure, move your body in a plethora of different positions, and using their body to achieve passive stretching in yours.

The massage works solely on the idea of compression. It starts with rhythmically pressing their hands, fingers or feet into certain muscle tissues to apply pressure. Expect your whole body to be moved and changed into many different positions, stretches and forms so they can reach the hard-to-reach part. You might be face up, lying down, seated up or down – but there will always be some sort of contact between you and the masseuse to ensure full coverage of your musclesIt actually incorporates techniques from different physical activities. For example, it’s called the lazy-man’s yogabecause it works specifically on stretching your body and moderating your breathing. You’ll also be getting the compression benefits of a massage. If you’ve ever been to physical therapy, you know how entirely rejuvenating it can feel like after your session. That’s exactly what a Thai massage does – it rehabilitees and rejuvenates in the most therapeutic of ways. It also incorporates techniques from Chirocropatic medicineby focusing on your spine. Lastly, through rocking and motion movements, you’ll be utilizing Trager techniques.

Your whole body will be stretched, relax and energized – so it’s even perfect if you need to workout or be active after!

Don’t expect oils, gliding and kneading – it’s all about pulling, stretching, rubbing, pushing, rocking and pressure to specifically target muscle tensions and give you more flexibility.

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