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Happiness is Achieved, Not Bought

Mens sana in corpore sanois Latin for a healthy mind in a healthy body, which is one of the universal truths that we tend to overlook. Our body and our mind are delicately intertwined, and they are synergized in a unique way. Our mindset can affect how we feel, but at the same time, our health can affect how we think.

Toxicity comes in different forms, it can come from our surroundings, especially if we often interact with negative individuals. It can come from unhealthy substance intake, like fast food that makes us feel low on energy. And it can also come from within when we grow accustomed to an inactive lifestyle, and forget how good it feels to be proactive.

Through detox, we cleanse our body and our mind and return it to the initial state of harmony. With a strong and healthy body, we are less likely to succumb to negativity, and with a reinvigorated resolve, we are less likely to give into daily unhealthy habits.

We cannot buy happiness. We can buy material objects that can make our lives easier and more convenient, but that's it. True happiness can only be achieved through engaging activities and experiences that renew our minds and bodies and enable us to deal with life's challenges.

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