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Top 7 Instagram-Worthy Places in Singapore (Part 2)

In my previous post, I listed down the first three IG-worthy spots that captured my heart during my travel in The Lion City. Now, the list of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore continues.

What I noticed when I first explored the city is that despite the obvious futuristic, modern and world-class structures that are continuously being built, the country’s native tradition and history is never forgotten, as apparent in many cultural landmarks of the city. A convergence of the old and new, you will never run out of Instagram-worthy places that you can capture and post.

4. Helix Bridge

Speaking of futuristic landmarks, a glimpse of the twists and spiral patterns of the Helix Bridge at evening time from afar is enough to leave you gasping in awe, with the mesmerizing lights softly lit. Crossing it will make you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie transcending to another galaxy through a mystical portal. The bridge is patterned after the double helix structure of DNA, hence the name Helix bridge. The whole Bay front is within view when crossing the bridge, which makes it the perfect place to snap some photos with the Marina Bay Sands, and the iconic lotus-shaped Art Science Museum on the background.

5. Chinatown

If you are into street photography, Chinatown delivers culturally rich photo opportunities. The whole area is teeming with the traditional Chinese colors of red and gold. The streets are adorned with beautiful lanterns and traditional Chinese architecture. The market stalls, merchandise, food, and the people all embody the local culture.

The place is always full of people, both tourists and locals alike. It is always buzzing at any time of the day and evening. You will never find yourself in a dull moment when in Chinatown.

In addition, you can always find an interesting temple in the side streets, some of them are private, while others will allow visitors in. Just make sure your attire is proper and always respect the customs that locals observe when entering their temples. So if they do not allow photography, just put your camera away and enjoy the cultural experience.

6. Arab Street and Beach Road

The bright and vibrant colors that adorn Arab street and parts of Beach Road will surely make you want to stop and snap some photos in front of every café or shop. The commercial spaces are all brightly painted with various colors, while some areas are painted with colorful street art. The unique color combination of the shops and their brightly painted wooden windowpanes make for great Instagram photo backgrounds. Some narrow streets are decorated with vivid array of large pieces of textiles hanging from the roofs of the shops, creating a funky blanket of colors that always look good on photographs.

If that isn’t enough, you can always walk to Masjid Sultan, a famous mosque in Singapore, and snap some pictures in front of it capturing its majestic architecture.

7. 1-Altitude Upper Sky Bar

Voted as the one of the top bars in Singapore, 1-Altitude will certainly provide you with interesting and lively Instagram stories. Marvel at the fascinating 360 views of the city whilst enjoying the good music, drinking and dancing in the highest al fresco rooftop bar in Singapore.

Meet new friends and capture the fun night life vibes for your Instagram stories while also showing your friends and followers the beautiful city lights in the background.

Singapore certainly has it all, from the traditional to the modern. You’ll always find a place to capture the moment on photo and showcase the beautiful country and its lovely people.

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