• Vera Tornow

Travel Program & Benefits

What you’ll be experiencing:

Close your eyes and envision 7 to 14 days of complete and utter relaxation. A detox, a beauty program, yoga, and healthy food that will inspire you to make life-changing decisions in your life. We’re usually on the run, going from one meeting to another, chugging our coffees, not being mindful of our meals and when we get a few hours for ourselves, we don’t spend them on us.

You’ll be getting beauty treatments, body treatments, facial treatments, massages, fashion assistance, a lot days of yoga, and welcome bags. The trip will focus on one thing and one thing only: you.

Wellness retreats have known as places of healing for decades. From the Roman times, women have been going on wellness retreat to alleviate pain, to relax and to rejuvenate.

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